LWF Nepal distributes blankets to cold wave-affected people

Mr Rajendra Kumar Raut (first from right) drapes a blanket around an elderly woman from Rangeli Municipality, Morang while Mr Joseph Soren, Chair of LCWS (second from right) looks on.

 Kathmandu, 12 January 2018 – The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Nepal, a humanitarian and development agency, with support from the UNHCR distributed blankets to 350 poor and marginalized people from Jhapa and Morang districts badly affected by the ongoing cold wave yesterday.

A total of 350 blankets were distributed to the people with disability (PWDs), lactating mothers, and the elderly people almost all from the poorest and most marginalized communities of Musahar and Dom, the Tarai Dalits from Rangeli Municipality ward nos. 3, 5, and 8 of Morang district.

Mr Rajendra Kumar Raut, Regional Program Coordinator, LWF Nepal, and Mr Joseph Soren, Chair of Lutheran Community Welfare Society (LCWS), implementing partner of LWF Nepal, distributed 200 cold-affected people of ward nos. 3 and 8 at the premises of Ratna Higher Secondary School, Rangeli.

Likewise, 150 blankets were distributed to the poorest and most vulnerable Musahars of Rangeli Municipality ward no. 5 at the premises of Ram Janaki Primary School by the chair of the ward.

Dr Prabin Manandhar, Country Director of LWF Nepal, said, “LWF Nepal being a humanitarian and development agency has been supporting the people during emergencies. We distributed 350 blankets to the cold wave-affected people of Morang and soon give away 147 blankets to the affected people of Jhapa district.”

We have always been supporting our rights holders during crisis. We distributed relief to the flood affected people in 2017 and now supporting the cold wave-hit poor and marginalized communities focusing on the PWDs, women and elderly citizens, he added.

The blankets were distributed in coordination with, and participation of the local government agencies and their representatives.