We adhere to an Accountability Framework, HAP Standards, SPHERE and human rights in our operations and are committed to equitable participation of women and men, indigenous minorities, disadvantaged groups and Dalits in all programs, and decision-making processes. We ensure good governance, participation, inclusion and accountability through Gender and Social Inclusion Mainstreaming Guidelines, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Policy, our Manual for Disability Mainstreaming, the LWF Code of Conduct, Anti-fraud and Anti-corruption Policies, Complaint and Response Mechanism procedures. LWF Nepal has a zero tolerance policy on these core issues.

The purpose of the Accountability Standard is to help the organization to design, implement, assess, improve and recognize accountable programs. It outlines the policies, processes, procedures and practices that an organization needs in order to be accountable to priority populations, refugees, communities and other stakeholders. Our Accountability Framework comprises the following benchmarks:

1.   Participation

2.   Transparency and Information Sharing

3.   Monitoring and Evaluation

4.   Complaints and Response Mechanisms

5.   Staff Competency, Behaviour and Attitude

6.   Continuous Learning