An energetic newspaper distributor

Mr. Ram Dayal Chaudhary ia distributing daily newspaper at Bhajani Kailali

Mr Ram Dayal Chaudhary, a 26-year-old boy, is an inhabitant of Ward No. 1, Bhajani Municipality of Kailali district. He has a physical disability since his birth. He lives in a family of four members, including his father, mother and a younger brother. He cannot walk without a supporting device such as tricycle, or assistance from other people. 

He came in contact with Digo Bikas Samaj (DBS) three years ago which is an implementing partner of LWF Nepal. His cousin encouraged him to seek help from the local organization.  His family members helped him to go to and get back from school every day. After school, he stayed at home.

After joining DBS in 2017 as a member living with disability, he received opportunities to take part in different training activities and received a tricycle to facilitate his mobility. The tricycle was of immense help. He could get out of the house, visit friends and relatives for chatting. Besides, he received training in trade-based skill development. The training became a panacea for choosing a suitable livelihood and for self-reliance. As he belonged to a very poor family, it was very difficult for his family to fulfil his basic needs.

A vacancy for a newspaper distributor in Bhajani Bazaar was published in the Kantipur daily newspaper. He expressed his interest through a local representative of the Kantipur media house. He had been given a priority after checking his capability for distributing the newspapers. He completed the test.

He was given the task of newspaper distribution in 2018. He continues to do the task. He distributes about 50 newspapers and earns NPR 6,000 (USD 54) every month. The income helps him to fulfil his basic requirement including education. Apart from these, sometime he supports his parents for running household also.

He said “Physical disability will not prevent you from your mission if you have a strong passion for betterment and for bringing about change in life. We also need chances to grow and become independent.”

Although he has received continuous support from his family, friends and DBS, he still faces some challenges to his mobility. He travels by a manually-operated tricycle. He wishes for a powered tricycle that would make his travel less strenuous.