A case story of Pabitra BK: Inclusive approach works for persons with disability

Ms. Pabitra Bk (PwDs) is at her vegetable farming at Bindabasini Dailekh

Ms Pabitra BK is a 49-year-old person with disability living in rural Nepal. Her achievement has generated self-respect, and an inspiration in society.

A resident of Narayan Municipality-11, Bindabasini of Dailekh district, she has been socially and economically empowered through a Transformative Education Program (TEP) of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Nepal.

She is a person with physical disability (PwD) and a single woman.  She was deprived of an identity card entitled to a PwD because she was not aware of the provisions and her rights. She became the victim of intersectionality.

In 2017, the Community-Based Organizations’ Federation (CBOF), an implementing partner of LWF Nepal, carried out TEP activities in Narayan Municipality. There was participation of 17 PwDs in the education program.  At the TEP office, PwDs shared their problems, contemporary issues and sought solutions collectively. They also highlighted priority agenda in favour of PwDs.

Pabitra BK is a participant of TEP. She has become a literate person after attending TEP class. She is also participating actively in social and livelihood promotion activities. She has taken a membership to Nav Durga farmers’ group and has become more confident. She is eager to live a meaningful life.

In 2018, the program supported nine group members who were interested in starting commercial vegetable farming under poly-houses.  She also received a poly-house and started vegetable farming on a small piece of land. She also took farmer leadership training in the same village.  She cultivated tomato, cabbage, cauliflower and beans in her poly-house and joined collective marketing at the district level. She earned NPR 41,260 (USD 372) by selling fresh vegetable in two seasons.  She is keeping an actual record of her income and expenditure. This has helped her manage the business well.

She spends money in fulfilling her basic needs such as food, clothes and medical treatment. She invests a portion of her income in expanding vegetable farming, and in monthly savings in the Raely Agriculture Cooperative.

She said: “Now I have adequate food and clothes. I am happy to have cash in my hand. I no longer have to work as a labourer on other’s farm.” She has become an inspirational individual for person living with disability in the society.