Person with Disability do not have a reason to remain behind

Photo Caption: Bisheswor Rajbanshi repairing cycle at his shop at Sunbarshi Municipality -5, Tukuwa


Morang, 24 December, 2018- Bisheswor Rajbanshi, 36, a Person With Disability (PWD) today owns a cycle repairmen enterprise. He is independent and has been contributing in his household income. He is happy and confident but his life wasn’t like this before.

Rajbanshi was born with disability at Sunbarshi Municipality – 5, Morang. Due to the poor economic situation of his family and his disability he never joined school. He grew up feeling isolated, neglected and stigmatized in the family and society. He used to live with his father, mother, four brothers and three sisters. Being the only person with disability in the family, he recalls the distress and guilt he felt. He said, “All the family members were contributing economically by working as daily wages laborer at a nearby market and agricultural farm in the community. I wasn’t treated well in the community, even my own family didn’t treat me right then.”

Instead of being a burden to the family he desired to contribute in the income generation. Since childhood, Rajbanshi had an interest in maintenance and repairmen of cycle and motor-cycle. He got a chance to join a cycle repairing shop in the nearby market. He learned about the skills of maintenance and repairmen of cycle voluntarily and engaged himself outside from his home for vocational skill development.

As he learnt to stitch the puncher tyre and small maintenance, he started a small business at his own community. He earned NRs 100 or above per day. He was quite interested to upscale his business and was seeking some support from externals source.

While he was struggling for loan to expand his business, he heard about Lutheran Community Welfare Society (LCWS), an implementing partner of Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Nepal. He approached for the support in recommendation from a group formed by the LCWS, and expressed interest to receive business start-up support from the Sabal Project implemented by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to establish a cycle repairing shop in a market nearby.

He was provided with NRs 10,000 from the project and started a business with few additional contribution from his sister. He used that money to buy more resources, few cycle tubes, tools and equipment to run his business properly.

Rajbanshi said, “Now, I earn NRs 500 to 700 per day from the cycle repairing shop. I repaired the shop with a corrugated iron sheet and locking system. I work comfortably whole day and have no difficulty working late evenings.” Rajbanshi says his disability is not a barrier to achieve his dreams and live a happy life. He uses crutches while moving around and lives with his sister at the moment.

Rajbanshi is also a member of Disabled People’s Organization (DPO), Sunbarshi Municipality, Morang. He had received crutches with the support of DPO. He says, “People with disability are also capable of becoming self-reliant. I would like to encourage all the PWDs from my community to come forefront and become independent.”

Mr. Jabed Alam, Social Activist extended thanks to LCWS and LWF for their support. He said, “They provided support to those who really needed it. Their contribution has supported the person with disability to become independent”.

Mr. Santosh Pandit, chair of a DPO at Sunabarshi Municipality, Morang said, “Due to the support from LCWS and LWF, PWD have been able to live a dignified life. We want to thank to the organization and expect the same in future too for other PWD from the Municipalities.”

Rajbanshi has a plan to expand his business and repair motor-cycle as well. He wants to receive an advance training in motor-cycle repairing and develop his shop as a training institute for PWD, like him who have interest in cycle/motor-cycle repairmen works. He wants to save for his future and construct a house for him and live a happy life with a beautiful family. Now he is very happy and feels proud that he is no more a burden for his family and is respected in the society.

Dr Prabin Manandhar, Country Director, LWF Nepal said, “We are committed to support those who have been left behind in human development. Our work focuses on reducing poverty with skills and diversified livelihoods ensuring human rights and dignity”. 

Text by: Kritagya Regmi and Suman Rai (Nepal Evalengical Lutheran Church)

Photo by: Suman Rai