Around Annapurna
The First Backstage Pass Route

The route of the first LWF Backstage Pass led from the Kathmandu valley via Pokhara to trekking part of the Annapurna circuit. Starting in Najapul, the group went all the way to Muktinath,  on the way. The difference in altitude was up to almost 3,000 meters.

Coming back, we visited LWF projects on the way in Pokhara and Lalitpur/ Kathmandu.

Behind the Scenes in Nepal

The LWF Backstage Pass is offering trekkers from the communion a unique glimpse behind the scenes into Nepal and the work of the Department for World Service there. Join the group on a trek through the Himalaya, and visit project sites where the LWF is assisting refugees and people in need from different communities. Meet staff and the people they serve, find out how World Service is working with communities to improve their quality of life, and learns how the LWF lives out its values in an interfaith context. The first LWF Backstage Pass took place from 24. October - 7. November 2014. We will inform about the next Backstage Pass on this site!

What is the LWF Backstage Pass?

Backstage Pass | Nepal Expedition is an opportunity to gain real-life insight into the LWF’s work in Nepal More than just an expedition to a stunning part of the world, participants will meet, face-to-face, LWF Department for World Service staff in Nepal and the people we serve there.  You will experience firsthand how the LWF is working with communities to improve their quality of life through income generation activities, education and skills training, savings and credit cooperatives, and better water access and sanitation.

The expedition will be led by a Communion Office staff who lived and worked in Nepal for 17 years, with further leadership from a DWS Nepal staff member.

Who can participate?

Anyone from an LWF member church who is at least 18 years of age can apply, regardless of your gender or formal role within the church. You must be eligible for a tourist visa to enter Nepal.
You must be physically fit and able to undertake seven days of trekking in the mountains.
You must be able to pay for your food and accommodation, international travel, and travel and health insurance. In addition, you must be willing to commit to raising a minimum of EUR 1,100/USD 1,500 to support LWF/DWS Nepal’s work.
Applications will be processed in the order they are received until available spaces are filled.

How do I apply?

Download the application form. Fill it out completely, in English, and be sure to have your local church leader supply the required endorsement.
Send the completed application form to David Cooke at the LWF Communion Office by 30 June 2014.

Participants from Australia, Canada, Germany, Nepal, the USA and Switzerland took part in the first trek.
The highest point of the trek was Muktinath temple at 3,800 meters altitude.
Participants visited World Service projects in Lalitpur, Pokhara and Ghasa.
Participants to date (Nov. 2014) raised 15,155 Euro for World Service work in Nepal.


Latitude: 27.700000
Longitude: 85.333333


Latitude: 28.202565
Longitude: 83.985008

Nayapul Bus Stop

Latitude: 28.274178
Longitude: 83.742750

Tatopani Hot Spring

Latitude: 28.496094
Longitude: 83.654206

Jomsom Airport Terminal

Latitude: 28.744151
Longitude: 83.682589

Muktinath Mandir

Latitude: 28.820476
Longitude: 83.826196


Latitude: 28.609095
Longitude: 83.643322

Poon Hill

Latitude: 28.399074
Longitude: 83.690050

Ghode Pani

Latitude: 28.400828
Longitude: 83.699643

Western Region

Latitude: 28.461965
Longitude: 83.707118


Latitude: 28.744213
Longitude: 83.680051


Latitude: 28.836667
Longitude: 83.783056